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Senior Project and Development Engineer


Ozhan Gecgel is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate working in the Chemical Engineering Department at Texas Tech University. He joined the CETI-LAB in January 2020 and is currently working on optimization and scaling-up of electrochemical reactors by using FE and CFD methods, as well as deep learning techniques. He also works on analyzing the electrochemical sensory data with deep learning to improve the accuracy of the readings.

Dr. Gecgel has a background in Mechanical Engineering with over 7 years of experience. Just after he got his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a design and test engineer in a vehicle crash test facility back in Turkey while working on his Master’s degree. After that, he pursued his Ph.D. degree in the topic of diagnostics of wind turbine gearbox components using deep learning. He is interested in working with large datasets and pattern recognition methods as well as feature extraction methods.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, (2019)

  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, (2016)

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, (2013)


  • Artificial intelligence techniques 

  • Scale-up of electrochemical reactors 

  • Optimization of the electrochemical reactors using FEM and CFD

  • Early fault diagnosis of planetary gearbox components

  • Design of experiments and data collection


  • Playing basketball and soccer

  • Spectating and competing in motorsports

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