Founded by Prof. Gerardine G. Botte


Texas Tech University

Department of Chemical Engineering

Electrochemical Innovation for Process Intensification


Fuel Cell Car Race

Interactive outreach goes online, transforming electrochemical engineering education. The event took place during the “Explore Engineering” week at the WCOE in June 2020 with over 35 participants from middle and high school.
The event was facilitated by Dr. Botte and graduate students from our lab. Dr. Botte kicked off the event with a short presentation “The Fun Ride of Being a Chemical Engineer” followed by a fuel cell car race “online experience.” Graduate students virtually mentored participants to learn about fuel cell cars and technology. Students were divided into 3 groups: Mercedes, Nikola, and Tesla. Each mentor worked with one group to discuss basic science and engineering principles for making hydrogen and fuel cells. The event concluded with a fuel cell car race, in which team members performed calculations to estimate a distance goal. Participants were very engaged and interacted with the mentors at all times. During the race, the participants cheered their car and watched the race between the fuel cell cars online. The winner this year was the Mercedes team, kudos to them.