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Aliakbar Yazdani (Ph.D., graduated in August 2021) 

Matt Cooper (M.S., graduated in August 2005) 
Currently at Chemical Engineering Department North Carolina State University

Nilesh Sathe (M.S., graduated in December 2005) 
Currently at Spectra Energy

Xin Jin (Ph.D., graduated in Spring 2009)
Currently at Armstrong Pharmaceuticals

Brian Boggs (Ph.D. graduated Winter 2009)
Currently at De Nora

Purusha Bonnin (M.S. graduated in August 2006)
Currently at PolyOne

Mahesh Biradar (M.S., graduated in October 2007)
Currently at Air Products

Deepika Singh (M.S., graduated Summer 2009) 
Currently at Stealth Group

Rebecca King (M.S., graduated in Spring 2010)
Currently at Apple

Damilola Daramola (Ph.D., graduated in Fall 2011)
Currently at Chemical Engineering Department, Ohio University

Ramasamy Palaniappan (Ph.D., graduated in 2013) 

Arthur Guildea (M.S., graduated in Fall 2013) 
Currently at Alkermes

Wei Yan (Ph.D., graduated in Spring 2014) 

Luis Diaz (Ph.D., graduated in Spring 2014)
Currently at Idaho National Lab

Bahar Moradi (M.S., graduated in Fall 2014)
Currently at Apple

Vedasri Vedharathinam (Ph.D., graduated in Summer 2015)
Currently at Alpha-En Corporation 

Santosh Vijapur (Ph.D. graduated Fall 2015)
Currently at Faraday Technology

Fei Lu (Ph.D., graduated Spring 2017)
Currently at National Technology Laboratory

Ali Estejab (Ph.D., graduated Fall 2017)
Currently at DUCON

Mohiedin Bagheri Hariri (MS., graduated Summer 2020) 
Currently PhD Student Ohio University

Ashwin Ramanujam (MS., graduated Summer 2020, Ph.D. graduated Winter 2023) 

Behnaz Jafari (Ph.D., graduated Winter 2020)
Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at Texas Tech University

Masi Jafari (Ph.D., graduated Winter 2020)

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